High Reach Demolition

High Reach Demolition

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Edifice Engineering an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company specializes in High Reach Demolition. Construction of any building requires a lot of Engineering and structural knowledge, similarly deconstruction also requires a lot of engineering and Structural knowledge and in past many un towards accidents have occurred because of lack of knowledge of the stability of the structure.

Being a demolition contractor purely into demolition services and with our past experience, we understand the structure first and than plan the sequence of demolition or deconstruction of the same.

With time old tall structures needs to be demolished may be it is a factory, plant, buildings, house, structure etc. The following things needs to be understood before we undertake a demolition…

  1. Height of the structure.
  2. Grade of Concrete.
  3. Space surrounding the structure.
  4. Time available to deconstruct.
  5. Size & Quantity of reinforcement in the structure
  6. Age of the structure

After thorough understanding of the above, than we decide as to whether the machine in our demolition house is capable of the Job or it requires other technology.

We are the only demolition companies in India who possess a Dust Boss DB 60 to suppress dust flying in air. Well-trained operators operate these machines. Each machine has two operators and one helper.


  1. No Vibration & No Noise
  2. Less flying falling debris
  3. Extremely fast
  4. Most economical demolition technology
  5. High precision of work
  6. High precision of work
  7. Dust Control
  8. Steel Reinforcement can be salvaged