Concrete Cracking

Concrete Cracking

We are a demolition company specializing into cracking of concrete using various means to do the same with mechanical means. Various technologies used for cracking of concrete are listed as below:

  • Rock & Concrete Splitter
  • Cracking using Hand Crusher
  • Concrete Bursting using busters
  • Chemical Cracking

1 – Rock & Concrete Splitters

  • Small capacity hydraulic splitters with hydraulic power packs for splitting of concrete
  • Primary demolition technique
  • Requires secondary demolition after splitting

2 – Concrete Cracking using Hand Crusher

  • Hand Crusher is generally used for small demolition quantity
  • Thickness of slab not more than 300 mm
  • Output of day may be 2-3 cubic meters per day

3 – Concrete Bursting

  • Primary cracking of huge foundations.
  • Thick shear walls
  • Provides cracks and easiest the lumps of concrete for secondary demolition
  • Helps to fasten the process of secondary demolition
  • High Capacity Machines

4 – Chemical Cracking

  • Silent process
  • No Vibration or dust
  • Simple to use. No skill needed
  • Very slow and not precise. Waiting time can go upto 24Hrs.
  • Long sequences of work. Requires elaborate pre drilling
  • Effectiveness of the firing dependent on several factors like hole diameter and depth, mixing ratio, age of powder.
  • Unpredictable output
  • Cracking efficiency will depend on the strength of concrete/rock
  • Can be used as a Primary demolition method only