Building Demolition

Building Demolition

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Edifice Engineering an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company has forayed into Demolition or Dismantling of Buildings and Redevelopment projects as one stop solution…

Mostly the buildings are of 4 to 6 storeys in height and require fast, safe& economical demolition of these old depleted buildings as in todays market Builders and Developers are more time conscious and they need to complete projects in time as committed to there customers to hand over there property.

We as building demolition contractor provide a complete solution in terms of demolition service contracts which includes the following

  1. Barricading the plot
  2. Demolition of buildings with Jaw Crushers or Hydraulic Breakers
  3. Salvaging of Scrap items and credit to be given back to the clients
  4. Removal of debris from site and disposing the same.
  5. Debris Management permission from the local Municipal Corporation
  6. Removal of Foundations below ground level
  7. Excavation of Soil to the required depth